Hello again to all of you fellow cosplayers. Saki_b here, Head Chairperson for The Providence Anime Masked Ball (affectionately dubbed PAMB). I'm excited about this year's PAMB, as I hope you are. Now, for this year, there are quite a few changes.

We're expecting a big increase in attendance this year. This year, last year's staff is heading off to college in the surrounding area. That being said, I'm creating jobs that need to be filled, such as Head of Music, Dance Coordinator, Admissions Head, etc. So, get your resumes ready. The pay will be a discount on your PAMB ticket.

The ticket pricing is going to different this year. It's going to be like the registration of a con, where your ticket is cheaper the sooner you buy it, and it'll be more expensive the closer to PAMB you get. Also, with registration, we ask that when you sign up, you give a valid email address. Last year, we got a big bunch of emails that were either invalid or just plain didn't work. It is important that we have a way of contacting you in case there's an urgent bulletin or something.

That's all for now. I honestly can't wait to see you all again this year, and I hope you spread the word about us to every con you go, or every cosplayer you meet or know.



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